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4 Tips to Optimally Packing a Carry-On

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4 Tips to Optimally Packing a Carry-On - Silex Skincare
You may have “landed” here because you’re in a predicament for your next trip. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or work, you’ll want a smooth & seamless traveling experience. As frequent travelers, we know packing is a nuisance (most of the time), and it can get complicated! On top of that, baggage fees are unpredictable. For this reason, it’s important to know how to optimally pack a carry-on! With the average size of approved carry-ons being 22” x 14” x 9”, it causes many headaches and heartaches. However, we have some great tips to avoid stressing over packing. Let’s “unpack”!


Plan Outfits

When you’re packing, you’ll want to be prepared for whatever your trip throws at you. As a result, you may consider packing 10 shirts for each day. (We’ve been there, done that!) But in reality, you only need 1-2 shirts for each day. There are a few important factors to consider when planning your outfits:
  • Check the weather - some of the most challenging trips involve destinations with various climates. 
  • Know which activities you’re participating in - dressing appropriately for your adventures is key and will save some frustrations down the road.
  • Have an idea of where you’ll be dining -  if you’re a foodie, then food can play a big role in your vacations. Be sure to pack items you think would work best for the type of restaurants you’re interested in visiting.

Pre-planning outfits is stressful, but it’s a more efficient method than packing “who knows how many” options! Here’s one of our Silex Secrets: When you pack neutral colors, all your outfits can mix-match and you won’t be in a frenzy if any mishaps happen.

Roll Your Clothes

Folding your clothes and placing them in your carry-on may seem like the most efficient way to pack. Well, we hate to break it to you, but it takes up more space! The alternative? Rolling your clothes! Although it doesn’t necessarily make your baggage lighter, it allows you to fit more clothes. To roll your clothes, fold them in half vertically (like you usually do), start from the top and then roll them up as tightly as you can! 

If you’re not into packing in the first place, rolling your clothes may not be in the cards for you. However, you could look into packing cubes that tightly pack your clothes in your carry-on while keeping them organized. Based on the average approved carry-on size, you can fit 3-4 small to medium or 2 large packing cubes inside. Another Silex Secret: If you want to pack super efficiently, roll your clothes inside of your packing cubes! 

Wear the Bulkiest Clothing + Shoes

This tip is the epitome of work smarter - not harder! Jackets, hooded sweatshirts, and shoes take up more room than you have to offer inside of your carry-on! The best way to avoid an overstuffed and unorganized carry-on is to revolve your airport outfit around the clothing that is too bulky to pack. This is more applicable for colder weather, but keep it in mind when you add any extras to your next trip.



Grab Our Vegan Leather Travel Case

If you’re anything like us, we want more room for clothes and less room wasted from an oversized toiletry bag. Say goodbye to bulky toiletry bags and say hello to our windowed travel case! It’s big enough to fit your skincare essentials but compact enough to fit inside of your carry-on like a glove. When traveling with a carry-on, there are strict TSA liquid restrictions. You are limited to 1 quart-sized bag with travel-sized containers that are a maximum of 3.4 oz. Our Vegan Leather Travel Case is TSA 3-1-1 Liquids Rule approved! Hence, you can throw it in your backpack/oversized purse and your carry-on. This leather travel case can stand the test of times.










Pro Tip: Keep an extra set of your favorite toiletries in your carry-on at all times. You’ll never forget them when you’re traveling!

To sum up, as frequent travelers, we know the dilemma you’re in…

  • Pack more and come face to face with a hefty checked bag fee. 


  • Pack everything in a size restricted carry-on and have to leave some of your favorite belongings behind. 
Thankfully, we’ve discovered the BEST ways to optimally pack a carry-on through trial & error, so you don’t have to! By following these tips, you will abide by TSA guidelines, pack all of your favorites, and most importantly, you won’t have to sit on your carry-on to get it zipped up! Now, it’s time to save money & make your next traveling experience the best one yet! 


Happy traveling!

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