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4 Ways to Make Your Skincare Routine More Sustainable

Posted by Silex Skincare on
4 Ways to Make Your Skincare Routine More Sustainable - Silex Skincare
Believe it or not, becoming more sustainability-oriented can easily be implemented into your skincare routine. Those who keep up with a skincare regimen know that the secret to radiant, nourished, and healthy skin comes from giving it attention and using the right products. However, it is now becoming increasingly important to ensure the right products for your skin are also the right products for the environment. In other words, you can have both! 
Your sustainable skincare routine life cycle commences the moment products are purchased and ends when the products are disposed. That cycle and use of dangerous ingredients and materials has a negative effect on your skin and the planet. With that in mind, now comes the question of how to make your skincare routine more sustainable in practice? Here are 4 ways to efficiently do it!

Support Sustainable Packaging 

Through recent adaptations of the traditionally plastic straw and the implementation of aluminum water bottles, we have all become familiar with the harmful impacts of plastic. The concerns that arise regarding traditionally manufactured plastic involves the petroleum used for its production and improper disposal of plastic waste. Fortunately, more sustainable plastic options are becoming readily available. For instance, PCR (post consumer recycled plastic) is a great option created from recycled plastics. While PCR plastic options cannot be recycled, they do cut down on the waste from old plastics. Additionally, Sugarcane Resin Plastic (like ours!) is free from any petroleum ingredients, has a much lower carbon footprint during production, and can still be recycled.

Look at the Formulas and Ingredients

The ingredients and the formula itself speak a lot about whether a product is sustainable. Often, these lists can be rather daunting. So, we compiled a few items to keep an eye out for…
  • Vegan/Cruelty Free - While you will not always be able to identify these qualities in each ingredient, make sure the package labeling says the ingredients are Vegan and Cruelty Free. Even if you do not identify as a Vegan yourself, there are far too many Vegan alternatives to skincare ingredients that ensure no animals are harmed or used in production.Some of commonly vegan skincare ingredients include Aloe Vera, Tamarind Seed (vegan alternative to hyaluronic acid), Vitamin C, Kinetin (plant-based anti-aging agent), Alpine Rose (extracted from a Swiss flower), etc.
  • Avoid polyethylene glycols (PEGs) - PEGs are petrochemicals used commonly in skincare and haircare. While they are considered safe for your skin at low concentrations, the production of these ingredients is still considered “dirty”. The petroleum used in their production is considered very unsustainable. 
  • Avoid Parabens - While you’ve likely heard about Parabens before, it is important to know they are considered ecologically harmful. This harm is specifically linked to the killing of Coral.


Do Not Leave the Water Running

While washing your face, it may become habitual to leave the water running. On average, by leaving the water on while washing your face, you'll waste about 4 gallons of water each time. By turning the water off, you can save at least 3 gallons! With that being said, be sure to turn the water off during other unrelated routines (ie washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, …). By implementing this routine in other facets of your life, the act of turning off the water will quickly become a habit!

Support Sustainable Brands

Supporting sustainable skincare brands (psstt... us!) is an excellent way to raise awareness and ensure other brands follow suit.Product packaging is an important issue when it comes to sustainability, that is why you need to choose carefully. As a strong advocate for sustainable skincare and beauty, we at Silex Skincare promote sustainable skincare all across our product lines.  Not only is our vegan skincare line packaged in sugar cane resin tubes, but our vegan leather case is sustainable and will make a great addition to your skincare ritual.


Bottom line?

Be the sustainable change you want to see – grab your Silex Skincare today!

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