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How to Get Glowing Skin

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How to Get Glowing Skin - Silex Skincare

Skinimalism and glowing skin are the talk of the town! Have you wanted to join the glowy skin club, but realized it wasn’t as easy as you thought? Have you tried everything on the shelves but still didn’t see a difference? There are a few simple things that you may be forgetting. Let’s break it down! 

Wear Sunscreen Daily

First, begin your sun protection routine by using a serum with Vitamin C  in the AM. This product protects your skin from environmental aggressors and assists in defending your skin barrier. After, apply SPF 30 to protect your skin from normal sun exposure. If you have plans of spending time outside, don’t forget to reapply throughout the day. While sunscreen can sometimes present a greasy look on your face, it may be in your best interest to layer with tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF in it. This ensures you are protecting your skin while still looking beautiful! 

Moisturize Your Skin Properly 

This might sound silly, but there are specific ways to moisturize your skin. In fact, hydrating your skin properly includes moisturizing your skin even when it feels oily! If you are prone to oily skin, we suggest staying away from moisturizers with more oil. A quick rule-of-thumb to differentiate  to stick with the gel-based or clear moisturizers. Including oil in moisturizers tends to make the product turn creamy and thick. Additionally, using products with antioxidants and ingredients that lock in moisture are ideal when promoting the healthiest skin. Our favorite moisturizing ingredients include Ceramides & Niacinamide!

Drink More Water  

Water helps your skin remain hydrated and maintain elasticity. However, you don’t want to drink too much water! The alternate affects of drinking too much water are nearly the same as drinking too little. The recommended amount of water for men is 15.5 cups per day, while women should drink 11.5 cups a day for optimal hydration. By hydrating your body, it benefits you from the inside out (literally!) There is a direct link between hydrating and healthy, hydrated skin!


Less is more to obtain glowy skin! Don’t cake on all of the products, but rather choose simplicity in achieving that glow you’ve been looking for. Takeoff to our site for products that check all of these boxes!


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