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3 Ways to Use our Layover Mask

Posted by Silex Skincare on
3 Ways to Use our Layover Mask - Silex Skincare
If you’ve used the Layover Overnight Recovery Mask, it has instantly become your number one fan! No matter your age or skin type. Traveler or non-traveler. This hydrating leave-on mask was specifically formulated with you in mind! We’re proud to say we've done the research so you don't have to, and we have identified 3 different ways this mask can be used to restore your skin. 

How to Use It

As an Overnight Mask 

To use the Layover Overnight Mask, apply an even layer over face and neck (avoiding the eye area) in the evening after cleansing and before bed. 
While you sleep,Kinetin, a key plant-based ingredient for dehydrated skin, reduces the skin’s roughness, fine wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation. Meanwhile, a proprietary blend of vegan peptides stimulate collagen production and restore the skin from the sun exposure it experienced throughout the day. In the morning, rinse before cleansing your skin. Afterwards, C Level is your best friend for radiant skin in the AM through the PM!

As a Moisturizer

The Layover Overnight Recovery Mask can also be used as a powerful moisturizer during the day.. Glycerin, our star ingredient inside of our Layover Mask is a super-powered humectant that helps the skin cling to moisture while providing long lasting dryness relief. That way, your skin is left supple and dewy throughout the day when it needs some extra attention. Sounds great, doesn't it?!

On Your Hands

This is the best part! Whenever using a product, there’s always a liiiitttle bit left on your hands. So, don’t wipe the product away. Instead, just rub it in! Our hands are exposed to sun and other environmental aggressors whether you’re driving, flying, or enjoying the great outdoors. Glucomannan and Glucose, other key ingredients inside of the Layover Mask keep the skin’s microbiome healthy by maintaining a strong barrier against everyday exposure that causes inflammation.This Layover Mask is formulated to restore skin that experiences just that! 


All in all...

We love a multi-use product! But don’t just take our word for it. See what people are saying! 
“My skin clearly loved every single one of these ingredients!” 
“Best part is it hydrates your skin versus drying it out.” 
“I'm 62 years old and I love the way my skin looks after using this mask.”

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