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Silex Skincare is Here

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Silex Skincare is Here - Silex Skincare

Skincare for Everyone Under the Sun

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated. Looking for a simple, clean, vegan, and effective skincare line that gets the job done? Silex Skincare is here for everyone under the sun!

Founder Erin Johnston: Pilot + Travel Enthusiast

Sometime around age 16, Erin Johnston was watching TV with her dad when someone flying a small airplane appeared onscreen. "I want to do that," she remembers telling her dad. Unsurprisingly, her dad said no. But, equally unsurprisingly, Erin didn't give up. Today, she's a corporate pilot for a well-known corporation who still loves everything about her job except for one thing...

Erin noticed that the more time she spent with her head in the clouds the worse her complexion looked and felt, which is how Silex Skincare was born. 

Skincare You Can Trust

Each item in the line is clean, vegan, and delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Our fragrance-free formulas are lightweight, easily applied and absorbed, and never sticky or tacky, making them delightful travel companions. Once you give them a try, you'll be saying goodbye to dull, dry skin; heavy, greasy formulas; and packaging that doesn't care about the earth.

We are here for anyone who wants healthier, happier, more hydrated skin, but especially for frequent travelers who spend a lot of time up in the air.

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